Executive Director, Jennifer Henning, Thankful for Edgeworth Park Community

By December 1, 2019 News

Everyone has somewhere they call work and home. Everyone has people that they call friends and family. I am so lucky and thankful that I have you all to be my family, friends, work, and home.
I have a great work environment! I have all of you that share your lives with me. In turn, I get to share mine with you. We have a great community that has wonderful owners that care about each and every one of us. As staff here at Edgeworth Park, we get to come to work and enjoy those whom we work for. We get to help people who are grateful for the help. We get to share our lives with you all as residents.

As residents, you get to have your daily needs tended to by wonderful staff members. You get to know every staff member and their families. You get to enjoy your days with each other, all as residents of Edgeworth Park at New Town.

It really is something to be thankful for here at Edgeworth Park. We all are lucky to have such a great place to call work, home and community. I am thankful for each and every one of you at Edgeworth Park at New Town. You all make my life complete! Thank you, Jennifer Henning

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