Meet Victoria Bowen, Edgeworth Park at New Town Marketing Director

By November 2, 2019 December 1st, 2019 News

Victoria Bowen, Marketing Director

Most of you know that I was born and raised here in Williamsburg. I went to school at James Madison and interned here at Edgeworth Park the summer before my senior year of school. I swore to my parents (like most kids my age) I was never coming back to Williamsburg. I wanted to see the states and live in a busier town. That was until I met all of you. Over the course of my internship, I developed relationships with all of the residents, families and staff members. When I got back to school, I realized I missed my Edgeworth Park Family. During one of my health administration classes, everyone shared their summer experiences. It was shortly after that I realized Edgeworth Park was different. I realized my experience was unique and I would not want to start my career anywhere else.

With the holidays fast approaching, I want to say how thankful I am for all of you. Thank you for all of the stories and fun times. Thank you for showing me the Edgeworth Park Difference and convincing me Williamsburg was not so bad after all.

Since I am back in Williamsburg, I am close to my parents, brother, sister in law and my cute little niece. You may think that means a big Thanksgiving meal like most families. Well, our traditions are a little different. The week of Thanksgiving my brother and dad drive about six hours away to a little town called the Mouth of Wilson. There, they spend the week hunting with my uncle and cousins. My sister-in-law and Evelyn go to Maryland to be with her family. Leaving my mom and me to rough it here in Williamsburg… just kidding. Thanksgiving week is one of my favorites because I get to spend time with my mom. Just us girls! In years past, we have spent time with other family members, taken trips or simply relaxed here in Williamsburg. This year, my mom and I will be relaxing here in town.

Traditions can change over the years. I know ours have as our family continues to get bigger. I encourage you to ask each other about your family traditions from when you were a kid until now. Lastly, what are YOU thankful for? Be on the lookout for social activities to share what you are thankful for!

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