At Edgeworth Park at New Town, family always comes first. Our family- residents, family members, staff and even our owners are always top priority! Cutting edge technology changes the way we communicate with family. As part of the holistic approach of our senior living home to communicate and promote family engagement, Smile allows us to interact and engage with family members every day.

What is Smile?


Smile is a software platform that gives you 24/7 access to your loved one’s daily activities through an app or private web portal. Smile allows you to see what your loved one is participating in each day. You can access the activities calendars for both the senior living home and our Discover Memory Lane neighborhood via your portal. This promotes family engagement and allows you to attend certain events with your loved one. Another way to promote family engagement and communication, Smile allows staff to send pictures and updates to family members throughout the day— perfect for family members that may not live local or are unable to visit frequently. Smile extends to help our activities team develop well-rounded assisted living and memory care programs that meet all 8 dimensions of wellness.

Smile Login

Explore the eight dimensions of wellness below and learn more about our well-rounded programming:


1 Cognitive

Cognitive activities stimulate the brain and allow residents to maintain their cognitive levels longer. Puzzles, trivia and mind benders exercise the brain.

2 Nature

Interacting with nature provides many benefits. Learning about different butterfly species or bird watching can improve our health and well-being.

3 Outdoor

It is important to get outdoors and take in fresh air. Porch talk, gardening and courtyard games are a great way to enjoy the outdoors at Edgeworth Park.

4 Physical

Physical Exercise builds and maintains muscle while reducing the risk of falls. We offer several fitness classes and have walking paths that encourage residents to remain healthy.

5 Productive

Participating in productive activities give one purpose and meaning.

6 Reflective

Activities that allow residents to reflect and reminisce have several benefits. Reflective activities also include those that are spiritual.

7 Sensory

Sensory activities help calm residents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our large country style kitchen allows us to bake with residents. Our Special Touch program on Memory Lane uses massage and fragrances as a calming tool.

8 Social

Social interacts are valuable to one’s health. Building relationships with peers at one of our socials is a great way to improve health. Connections can improve your social wellness.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on our senior living home, all we need is your email address. Residents may have an unlimited number of family members participate. Live out of state or can’t visit often? Or perhaps you live locally, but a sibling does not. No worries! Each of you will have a separate account with your own username and password. You can access Smile at any time using any web-enabled device.

Smile Makes Our Care Even Better

Smile allows our staff to track resident participation and allows us to tailor our programming to meet the needs of our residents. We can tailor programming based on resident interests and passions that we gather prior to them physically moving in.

This family-centered program starts with learning the life story of our residents. We are able to learn their hobbies, achievements throughout their life, their family history, interests and passions prior to them moving into the community. Thus, allow us to develop our programming around their life.