The Time to Move into a Senior Living Community is NOW

By June 18, 2020 News

Have you been considering whether you should move into a senior living community, but COVID-19 made you stop looking? We bet you said you will wait until all of this is over. Realistically though, when will the COVID-19 pandemic be over and will it be too late for you to enjoy all that a community setting can offer?

The time to move into Edgeworth Park at New Town is NOW!!!

Let us tell you why:

  1. The moment you choose us, you become apart of the Edgeworth Park Family. It is more than the senior living community you choose. From our ownership team to management to staff, we truly care about each resident and family. We will do whatever we can to protect you and keep you safe. You are not alone. We will be accessible 24/7 to care for you.
    • We take guidance from the Governor, Virginia Department of Health, and the Center of Disease Control. From there, management meets and develops new procedures to keep our residents and staff safe, healthy AND happy.
    • When the pandemic started, we decided to restrict visitation, move-ins and staff orientations. We decided the health and well-being of our current residents and staff was more important to us. We wanted to take adequate time to develop new procedures and study all of the variables of COVID-19. We wanted to make sure we thought of all of the possible ways for exposure. Our proactive approach has paid off thus far. We are happy to announce we have had no cases of COVID.
  2. Our community is prepared
    • If we were to have a case of COVID, our community is prepared. We not only have obtained an adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment; we train every day on how to properly use PPE and care for a resident with COVID.
    • If anything were to happen, you have a care team and entire staff trained and ready to care for you.
  3. Limited Exposure
    • At home, you have to worry about getting groceries or personal supplies and how you will safely get in and out of stores. If you move into Edgeworth Park at New Town, we take care of all of these things for you. We provide all three meals a day, plus snacks and beverages. You will have the ability to social distance and still engage with others. You will have access to healthy and nutritious food that is often hard to find in the stores these days. Better yet, you won’t have to stress about cleaning the kitchen after you eat because housekeeping is included!!
  4. But will my family be able to visit?
    • Our community was built around the idea of social interaction and family involvement in the community. While things look different right now, we have developed a social distance visitation area outside. Your family can visit through the fence in our backyard. You may schedule these visits through the Concierge.
  5. Activities Continue
    • We know how important your social life is. We have modified programming to keep residents safe, but allow you to interact with peers
    • Our person-centered care continues. We have more one-on-one programming throughout the day. Our Activities team visits apartments multiple times a day to make sure each person has the social interaction they need.
  6. Is your family worried about visitation restrictions?
    • In March, we launched SMILE. Smile is software platform that promotes communication and family engagement. Families can log in everyday to see a snap shot of what their loved one is up too. Families can see the activities they participate in, receive pictures of their loved ones, and have direct communication with the staff members caring for their loved ones. This program has been tremendous.

Why wait and potentially miss out on the fun in a community setting. Our sanitization schedule keeps all of the common surfaces and keeps your personal apartment safe. Our residents find comfort and feel safe at Edgeworth Park because of this. It is important to note that when you join the Edgeworth Park Family, you not only gain many peers, you gain staff that truly care for you. Our staff is awake, alert and available 24/7 for you. No more feeling lonely at home. We are here for you. We care for you and your family. We are committed to keeping you healthy.

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